Swimming Pool Design Trends

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard is sure to create lots of fun memories of splashing around in the pool. Your backyard pool area can serve a lot different purposes though. Think about these pool design trends to get the most out of your pool while also adding to the value of your home. The common thread for all of these popular pool features is to create spaces and structure for even more fun activities around your pool.

Tanning Ledge

This is our most popular pool upgrade that can help literally take your pool to another level! A tanning ledge is small, shallow pool generally raised above the main pool. They are great for lying in while reading or simply soaking up some rays. You can also put a low chair nearby and dangle your feet in the water to keep cool between swims. One added bonus is the gentle waterfall sound.

Swimming pool tanning ledge feature with firepit and waterfall

By the way, we’ve got a great quick video with customer comments from the owner of this great pool with tanning ledge.

It’s not just the adults that love their swimming pool tanning ledges!

Infant swimming in shallow tanning ledge feature of swimming pool.

Fire Pit

The fire pit is natural addition to your pool area to help extend your enjoyment of your back yard into the cold season.

Gorgeous Firepit Seating Hardscape

Adding a fire pit creates a marvelous space for entertaining and conversation. Enjoy the best of camping – sitting by the fire and roasting smores – right in your back yard any time. We can also build your fire pit for cooking over wood or charcoal while you relax and stay warm nearby.

“Brooks Malone does amazing work. Everyone on the team is very professional and does a great job. The work is fast, high quality and beautiful. Thank each of you for making us such a wonderful place to relax. We love it! “

– Eric & Melinda Turnmire

Beach Entry

A beach-style entry to your pool provides a smooth sloped entry way at the shallow end of the pool. They eliminate the need for a ladder or steps to enter the pool.

Greene County Beach Entry Swimming Pool

Beach-style entries remind us of the fun of being at the lake or ocean. They work well for seniors and anyone with mobility problems that has trouble with stairs. Take you time easing into the water slowly and comfortably to get used to the temperature. This style of entry is also great for safely introducing toddlers to the water as they learn to swim. Add a beach entry to your pool to enjoy these benefits and bring a fresh design element into your backyard.

Beach Entry Swimming Pool in Jonesborough, TN

Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen means you’ll get to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air year-round in our mild Tennessee climate. Spare yourself from ducking in and out of the house to refresh drinks or prepare a snack. You can keep an eye on the kids and socialize with your friends while preparing food right be the pool. We can pair natural or engineered stone with a full range of outdoor-rated appliances for a solution that is functional and durable with a rugged beauty.

Outdoor Kitchen Poolside in Jonesborough Tennessee


Add the timeless beauty and elegance of a waterfall to your pool design. Water flowing over natural stone is a gorgeous match and fits well with our natural surroundings here in mountains of East Tennessee and the Tri-Cities area.

Beautiful Pool Waterfall in the Smokies in Tennessee

You’ll enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water splashing while it creates a meditative effect that helps mask unpleasant environmental sounds. And nothing beats floating underneath a gentle waterfall on a hot, humid summer day. Your pool already comes with a pump and filter system, so adding a waterfall is an easy extra.

Hillside Pool on Terrace Tennessee

Multi-Level Terracing

Here in East Tennesee, most of us have a good amount of slope in our yards. Brooks Malone can terrace your yard with a mix of landscaping and hardscaping to make things more accessible and easier to maintain. We can work with you to design a visually-appealing terrace system for your pool area with added spaces for your favorite activities. Relax with friends swapping stories by the fire pit while the children play in the pool a few feet away. Using terracing, retaining walls, and hardscaping, we can provide an attractive solution for putting in pools in difficult terrain.

Multi Level Terrace Hardscaping With Pool in Limestone, TN

Minimalist hardscaping adds elegance and helps set the pool in this gently sloped yard

Cover Systems

Swimming pool cover systems automatically cover and and uncover your pool at the touch of a button, providing safety and maintenance benefits.

A retractable safety cover is shown partially deployed on this large rectangular pool

Covering your pool when not in use helps ensure the safety of children and pets. It also reduces the need for maintenance and prevents wear and strain on filter and pump mechanisms. As the days grow, shorter the pool cover will also lock in heat at night to keep the water warm and extend the pool season. Finally, your cover system will help save money by preventing evaporation and reducing the need to top off the pool occasionally.

Swimming Pool Cover System in Johnson City, Tennessee

Pool Cabanas

Besides providing a dramatic visual backdrop to your pool, pool cabanas can host a wide variety of features with great benefits. A pool cabana is a great place to tuck your pools mechanical equipment out of sight, and out of the weather for greater lifespan. A poolside bathroom with shower will save drippy trips into your home and provide guests a convenient location to change and freshen up. The cabana can also provide shady outdoor seating, and a place to prepare, store, and enjoy refreshments within mere steps of the pool.

Large pavilion located poolside for a shady respite

Pool house cabana next to a fiberglass inground pool.

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